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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 13. Serezha Sherbinin

Having entered the Institute, I decided that I would work hard in all courses. So from the very first days of the studies I became a regular reader of a reading hall of the institute's library. I diligently took all the extra literature, which was recommended by our professors. I literally was going nuts because of the number of the books we had minimally to look through and at least something to remember.

Earlier in the story "Mini Dorm" I wrote that I used to live with the guys one year older than me. So those guys enlightened me that at the institute scores for some exams could be received without taking it. Though the guys themselves had never had the so called "mechanical exams" (when a student's achievements during a semester are considered, and the final grade is given on the basis of summing up the previous grades, so the student skips an exam), so they could not teach me how to do that.

So, Serezha Sherbinin was a calm and even attracting little attention guy in glasses. He held himself somewhat detached. Even though he took part in various events, including parties, but only in a passive way. To put it short, he existed, and at the same time he somehow was not there.

But it was when he spoke at a CPSU History (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) class, the professor did not call on him, he raised his hand and spoke, that I was deeply impressed by the form of his speech. And after his second presentation I realized: "That was it. Now I will receive mechanical exams at least in Social Sciences".

The CPSU History during the Fall Semester in the first year in our group (to be more precise, in a group and a half - group 117 was divided, and one of its halves studied together with our group 218, and the second half - with group 116) was taught by Elena Shalneva, if I am not mistaken Stepanovna (her middle name). She was a very kind and charming person. It seems that even at that time she was aware that students could not care less about the CPSU History, and being a communist, but not a fanatic one, she pretended not to notice various tricks the students played to avoid studying her subject.

Well, Serezha Sherbinin - it happened so that during that memorable class he sat next to me - to answer Old Lena's question (this is how the students lovingly called E.S. Shalneva between themselves) - the meaning of the question was irrelevant, because the answer was abstract as well, - raised his hand and without waiting to be called, stood up and literally said the following: "Let me answer, but not to spoil the beauty of the original I will read ..." and read from the text a whole passage of some text. When he was done, he said: "This is all I have. Thank you!" and sat down. Old Lena was very confused for some time, but she quickly came to her senses and gave Sergey and excellent grade. The same trick with some minor changes was repeated during all the following classes. And at the winter examinations Serezha Sherbinin took one exam less. So I, thanks to Sergey and his wonderful phrase: "Not to spoil the beauty of the original", made the proper conclusions to myself and before the state exams received only mechanical exams in Social Sciences.

I am very sorry, but I did not find Sergey's photo in my photo archive.

july 7, 2011

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