Syedyshev Oleg
Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 25. Dimka the Wine-Maker

I already wrote that my parents were very hospitable. Their strong conviction that all students starve was the reason, that all my friends who came to us on a weekend, while my parents lived in Kedrovskiy opencast mine, overate and asked me to save them. Well, why I had to save them, I suggested them to eat for their good. In those old days it was difficult to find something special in a town of Kedrovka, but Aleksandra Mikhailovna, my mother, made delicious cabbage soup, baked incomparable chicken pies (kurnik) and wonderfully fried potatoes with pork. In general, my guests ate everything with pleasure, and it was obvious. But my parents liked most of all when Ditto Mkheidze came to visit us. With him Aleksandra Mikhailovna was especially welcoming. And Peotr Andreyevitch liked to talk with Dimka "about life". Batya - as I called my father - liked Dimka's reasoning, because they were the thoughts of a mature man, but not of a young guy. His Caucasian upbringing, respect to older people, was noticeable in everything.

I do not remember in what fall month, perhaps, in October, Dimka received a big parcel with grapes. It was very pity, that the grapes turned to be frostbitten. Fall in Siberia was different from fall in Georgia. Dimka's parents did not think that in October there could be frosts in Kemerovo. That year we had frosts.

Ditto Mkheidze

Ditto Mkheidze

Dimka received the parcel, opened it and got very upset at the beginning, but like I said Dimka was a smart guy, he offered to me: "Let's go to your parents and make wine from the grapes". It was done as it was said. On the nearest weekend we went with the grapes to Kedrovka. My parents were a bit surprised, though assisted us in everything. We needed a washing tub to press the grapes. Dimka strongly insisted that we did it with our feet in order not to break the ancient traditions of his ancestors, who had never used any presses. I do not know where, but Batya managed to find a zinc washing tub. Well, could where one find a wooden tank? There was a long argument between Batya and Dimka, but finally Batya convinced my friend, that the grape juice would not be kept for a long time in the washing tub, that it would be poured in glass containers; Batya had a quarter - a glass vessel for 25 liters.

Finally everything was ready to start the work. The grapes were put into the washing tub. Dimka and I washed our feet and got started. My parents were loudly laughing, watching us, to boobies, shifting our feet and pushing one another in the washing tub. Soon the process of pressing grapes was over. Dimka in all details explained to my Batya, what should be done afterwards. Batya listened attentively.

The weekend was over, and we left Kedrovka for Kemerovo to continue our study to be doctors. Student working days, classes, absorbed us, and we forgot that we had founded a wine-making tradition in Kedrovka. And our joy was very sincere, when on the Eve of the New Year Batya came and brought amber-colored liquid. It was the wine. It was not just the wine, but the splendid wine. And that was not only Dimka's and my opinion. That was the opinion of everyone, who then tried it at the institute's New Year party.

july 16, 2011

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