Syedyshev Oleg
Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 86. A mouse!.. in a hairdo? How very unusual!!!

How much professors differ from each other! I am not going to use as a criterion knowledge they gave to students. This time I want to talk purely about professors' appearances. If not taking into consideration the number of bad grades Yevgeniy Nikonalyevitch Sherstennikov gave to his students, it was a pleasure to look at him. He was always carefully dressed, even a bit dandyish. They were rather afraid of him, and definitely respected him. He did not have to shout or threaten his students. He could look in a certain way, and students started having goose bumps. Well, and to say more about the women professors. When a woman professor came into a class looking well-attended, calm, with a neat hairdo, properly dressed, refined, and if in addition to that she radiated assertiveness, confidence in her self-sufficiency, then one was eager to listen to such a professor with his mouth wide open. Usually that happened so.
A Microbiology Department professor Valentina Alekseyevna Gromova completely matched the description I have given above. I believe, it should be mentioned that her gestures were always soft and smooth. Students not only respected her, but also loved her. I will tell you more, they were looking forward to her classes. Everybody was curious what she would wear that time and how she would style her hair. Generally speaking, Valentina Alekseyevna enjoyed authority over both male and female students.

The incident I want to talk about took place during a class. That was a regular microbiology class. Those who were on duty had brought a dozen of grey mice from a vivarium beforehand. The mice were running and jumping around the cage, being very active and enjoying life. And why should not they be happy? They were fed at the vivarium, unlike students who had to find food by themselves, and they were not called to answer during classes and, sure enough, were not given any bad grades. Well, as to the fact that they were used for experiments, the mice did not know about that and were having a good time at that moment.

Gromova came to the class as usually elegant and with characteristic of her composure made a steady move and took a mouse out of the cage in order to tell us what we would be doing for two hours during the class. Galina Veldyaskina's group was ready to listen attentively.

Suddenly something improbable happened: the mouse which a moment before was calm and resigned in Valentina Alekseyevna's hand, jerked, jumped and found herself on Gromova's head. And it was rushing about in the hairdo and got more and more entangled in hair.

The female students scattered screaming in all directions, some of the guys shouted: "Strike ground!.." Everybody was dumbfounded. The students felt very sorry for Gromova, though at the same time the situation was so funny, that it was impossible not to laugh. Everybody was afraid to offend Valentina Alekseyevna and literally were choking, trying to swallow attacks of laughter. The situation or as the students called it afterwards, the circus, lasted for a few of minutes. Gromova would not be Gromova

if she with the characteristic of her self-control and, let's give her a credit, tenacity would not pull out or to be more precise tore out from her hairdo the fugitive mouse. Though, that was not all of that. Apparently Valentina Alekseyevna held the mouse awkwardly in her hand, so it jerked once again and got on the floor.

The mouse started rushing around the room like crazy. Female part of the group was producing: "A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a..." of the forth octave. Their screaming was heard at all floors of the building. Gromova stepped to the door opened it wide and let the mouse run away. For the great backcombing it won a deserved prize of freedom.

The plot of the story is courtesy of Galina Veldyaskina.

13 November, 2011.

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Translated by Viktoria Potykinato content