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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 23. Pharmakology

If one cannot be a medic without knowledge of anatomy, then there cannot be any treatment without knowledge of pharmacology.

Pharmacology was born long ago. There were Hippocrat and Galen, who made their contribution to the development of pharmacology like a science. And because of the fact that Hippocrat treated by "indivisible plants", and Galen used chopped or dried plants or decoctions made of them, because of all of that, life of modern students-medics was not less complicated. If in polytechnic institutes they say: "If you passed the study of the strength of materials, you can get married", then in a medical institute one can say the same about pharmacology. The credit should be given to the students, as the majority of them were very serious about the study of pharmacology and could explain, how pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics differed from pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. And sure enough, they knew what metabolism was and how it differed from absorption. Our group, too, was doing its best to master the ABC of pharmacology. To achieve that, we attended lectures and seminars in "pharma" practically without any skipping. And finally there came the time of the examination.

It happened so that Vagram and I prepared to the exams together. It was quite curios that we lived separately, but our study for the exams was very well organized. We pestered each other with counter questions, which were quite often very unpredictable, and together were looking for the answers. To cut it short, it was convenient for both of us to prepare to the exams together. We already developed certain rituals, and sacredly obeyed them. For example, one of our rituals was that a day before the exam we obligatorily went to sauna, the one near the main building of the institute in Kirovskiy district. As a rule we went to sauna after lunch. We took a steam bath without any hassle as long as we pleased. After the sauna we simply had a walk or visited one of our group mates and had an idle chat. We went to bed early at night and got up early in the morning and started brainstorming of the subject, in which we would have an exam the next day.

It was that way on the eve of the pharmacology exam. Gasanov Ilgam tagged after us to the sauna. We did not object. When we bathed and splashed around to our hearts' content, we decided to have a walk before going home. In Sevastopolskaya street at a grocery store, where we came in to buy cigarettes, we ran into Arkadiy Blyakher. We started jabbering "bla-bla" to Arkadiy, but he reacted in a way "sorry, I am in a hurry". We surprised: "How come, you are in a hurry? We want to have a chat". Arkashka knew about our habits and rituals, he looked intently at us and asked: "Did you really go to the sauna?". We replied: "Yes, we did." And there Arkashka started laughing: "You mixed up the dates, the exam is not the day after tomorrow, but tomorrow." It was late evening already. Blyakher hurried away. Vagram and I stood in shock, it was good that Ilgam was with us, he brought us back to senses and literally dragged us home.

I hardly can describe now, what kind of night it was. Yes, we studied hard, yes, we attended lectures and even made notes, but the stress which Vagram and I created ourselves, was a heavy pressure. In the morning we were among the first who came to the exam.

Docent A.V. Sapozhkov

Earlier than us came Valera Kaygorodov and Slavka Sizikov. They too studied for the exam together. That time they found somewhere and took some nervous activity stimulators. It was noticeable, especially in Slavka, who was talking non stop. He was spouting drugs' names and kinds of doses and etc. All in all, it was obvious that he knew the subject. Though we were concerned about, how our professors would react to his agitation. But both of them passed the exam just fine: Valera received "sat" and was happy about it, and Slava got "good". So there were us, Vagram and I at the exam. I do not remember what questions I had. I vaguely remember that I knew something, and was hesitating about something. But destiny sent to me a savior, as a student with who I was sitting at the same desk, Tatiana Krylova from the 5th group. That was the one who had self-control! She had a brief look at my questions and literally with two-three phrases sorted out everything for me, and I, not waiting for too long, got up and gave answers to all the questions to A.V. Sapozhkov himself.

I got a "good". When at the examination room I noticed that Tatiana was explaining something to Vagram as well. He got a "good" as well.
After the exam I came up to Tatiana and with the words of sincere gratitude presented a chocolate bar "Gold Anchor" to her, which was considered one of the best brands then. Tatiana felt embarrassed, though took the chocolate. As it turned out afterwards she always had remembered that gift. I like this.
In conclusion I want to say that it is great to obey the rituals, but the students' mutual assistance is the major basis!

july 14, 2011

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