Syedyshev Oleg
Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 5. Vagram

It is now Agadzhanyan Vagram Vaganovitch is a Doctor of Medicine, professor, honorable member of RAEN, Honoured physician of Russian Federation, member of American Academy of Surgeons-Orthopaedists. Though at those days we used to wash trolleys together, and unload wagons at the "Gastronom" depot. And we also held crisscross competitions during lectures.
Here is a sample:

A Letter of Commendation

This Letter of Commendation was made by Vagram himself from a page torn out of a 96 pages notebook (then at the lectures we made notes in that kind of notebooks).

Vagram Agadzhanyan

Here is a story I would like to tell. I do not remember any more where from and where to we were going together with him, but at the stop Drama Theater (it happened in winter when streets were slippery with ice) a woman slipped and fell down. Two of us, Vagram and I immediately rushed to her, helped her to rise to her feet and even to get on a crowded bus 51. Everything could have been ended just there, but we were in a good mood, and at the very first lecture Vagram and I were telling everyone we approached that we rose to her feet a fallen woman and directed her to a path of true virtue. We were talking nonsense, but for some reason that rubbish about the fallen women spread around the whole Institute. We were approached by students from other departments who asked us to tell what it was about the fallen woman and how we directed her to the path of true virtue.

Vagram Agadzhanyan

We were enjoying the unexpected fame. It was such a PR! To put it more exactly - self-made PR.

july 4, 2011

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