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Syedyshev Oleg

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"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 85. A Miracle!

Exercise Therapy (ET) is a method of treatment which consists of combining physical exercises and natural factors in order to achieve recovery of a patient; it is also used as preventive measures. The core of the method is employment of the main biological function of a body, which is movement. The method consists of precisely graduated exercises combined with maintaining of correct breathing.

The term Exercise Therapy (or ET) is used to define the most different notions. It can be breathing gymnastics after a complicated surgery, and rehabilitation of walking ability after an injury, and exercise of a joint after removing of a plaster cast. It is also a name of a room in a polyclinic, and of a department at a physical culture institute, and of a department at a medical institute. The term Exercise Therapy is used in most different aspects, meaning a treatment method and a medical and pedagogical profession, and a part of medicine or physical training and a Healthcare subdivision as well.

Stop, what am I doing? I've found a definition in Wikipedia and that'll do. Nevertheless, my associations turned on right away. And how can I avoid them, if literally five months ago I myself had a heart surgery at Kiev Heart Center (coronary artery bypass grafting-5)? The surgery was performed by Boris Mikhaylovitch Todurov, so I, as it is said, have felt the exercise therapy effect on a post-surgical patient on my own back. I should say that without any exaggerations exercise therapy is the foundation of cardiologic rehabilitation.

Of course, at Kemerovo Medical Institute exercise therapy was given proper attention. However, at the Dentistry Department an Exercise Therapy course was brief, only five classes. And in spite

of the fact that the course was short, students called it very tricky. They could have called it in a different way, but inborn refinement of everyone, who studied, as well as of those who taught at Kemerovo Medical Institute did not allow them to do that. To call the course very tricky, yes, that was appropriate. Well, and what else the course could be called tactfully enough, if after only its five classes, as many as every tenth student passed a test. If to be completely honest, students also did not think much of the course. They did not take it seriously as an educational course at all, especially the dentists to be. So those who taught the Exercise Therapy course paid the Dentistry Department students back in their own coin.

Sergey Zakharov's group came to their first class already burdened with information that after the course practically each of them would have two, three, four and even five re-examinations. That was inconceivable. And after they came to the class they learned that it would be taught by the course head personally Oleg Gennadyevitch Shumilov.
Sergey then said to his group: "That's it... Sure enough, something has to be done, but what? That's the question". Quietly they took seats in the back rows and started waiting for a miracle, but that was not the case. Oleg Gennadyevitch came in sullen, tired, looking unkindly, at least that seemed so to everybody then. Perhaps he was after his duty; professors quite often worked part-time at city hospitals. So O.G.Shumilov was as dark as a thundercloud, nevertheless he did the introduction part; practically my essay's beginning, briefly, clearly and succinctly. And then as usual: "Is everything clear? Any questions?".

And there Zhenya Zinchenko raised his hand: "Yes, I've got one". Zhenya was the so called engine of the group. He could not stand seeing his group sinking into depression and put up with that. He wanted to do something, and a credit should be given to him, he did that. Before the beginning of the course he had found out some information, but in order to keep it a secret, did not say anything before the moment, when Oleg Gennadyevitch himself helped him with his question: "Are there any questions?". What a smart guy Yevgeniy was. How well he had schemed that. That was fun to listen to: "These days they talk a lot about manual therapy, they say about a miraculous effect it has on patients, but nobody can clearly explain what it, the manual therapy, is. Maybe you have heard anything about it? Please, tell us about it." - Zhenya asked Shumilov.

And he knew for a fact that Oleg Gennadyevitch was one of the first in Kemerovo who started applying manual therapy in treating various forms of musculoskeletal system diseases. The group was waiting for a miracle, when came for the class, and it really happened. Everybody was amazed how Shumilov's face changed. It became kind, and his eyes started radiating some bright light. If at the beginning of the class his speech was curt, that time words were gently flowing from his lips.

That was what love did to a man! In that very case that was love of the profession. For all five days the group studied manual therapy. There was no even a single one re-examination! And at the last class everybody passed the test, and all their student record books were signed!!! That was just a miracle!!!

The plot of the story is courtesy of Sergey Zakharov.

13 November, 2011.

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