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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 17. Pseudo wedding

No doubt that all students are or were in a situation when they needed to shirk their classes. I mean not just skip classes, but for some noble reason shirk school. How do students deal with this now? I browsed the internet, but did not find what I was looking for, pure shirking of school not just by one student, but by the whole group.

Tatyana Yanchilina

Somehow it happened so in our one-and-a half group (earlier I said in one of the stories how unifications of such kind were made) that the motivation for such kind of shirking were parties, which we gladly arranged on any occasion. And we did not want to and could not wait till night or postpone them, say, to a weekend. We resolved those issues by a short circuit principle: if decided - then done.

To skip classes for the sake of a party, even though in a good company was above us. It took us not a long time to contrive the ways of how to do that, the idea of a wedding came up by itself. None of professors would refuse to reschedule a class or intensify it (cover two topics for the time of one class); of course, the professors understood that Registry Offices were open during the day time and that more time was needed for various rituals.

Volodya Bobkov

Well, we had the reason. There remained to find a groom and a bride. And there we, too, did not have any long debates or doubts. Sasha Plokhikh was nominated to the part of a groom; I had described his talents earlier. I just want to say that he was a well-built guy, not handsome, but a devilishly charming one. As Sasha Plokhikh's substitute there was suggested Volodya Bobkov. He was also a well-built curly-headed guy. Volodya was known among us for his doing of skydiving and having several diving to his credit. He was very proud of that. I will say right away that he never played his part.

Tatyana Yanchilina

Generally speaking, we had no debates concerning the bride. There were a few girls in our group, and all of them were peculiar. I think, they will not be offended now, if I say that Tatyana Yanchilina was the best candidate for the part of a bride.

She was a voluptuous blonde. She was self-confident. Tatyana was always smiling, she was an incorrigible optimist, and at the same time she was very smart and quick witted. And one more of her unquestionable virtues was the fact that she lived at the final stop of a # 3 tram in a big "stalinka" apartment and did not deny territory to the group to have parties on.

There was such a beautiful couple: Sasha and Tanya, a groom and a bride. And I was quite often the negotiator with the professors, but we also took with us Zhenka Romashev. He kept silence, but the fact that he was 10 years older than us was obvious and that added credibility to the negotiations.

Volodya Bobkov.
From the student album

I even do not remember how many of such pseudo-weddings we arranged, but I can confirm the fact that they were a lot of fun. It's a pity though that Volodya Bobkov failed to perform his part of a groom's substitute. He remained in our memories as a skydiver.

After Sasha's departure to Tomsk the weddings ceased, well, there was no alternate for him; there was a substitute, though at the same time he kind of was not there, and the idea itself became obsolete.

july 10, 2011

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