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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 173. Rupture

They have a good reason saying: “Can the leopard change his spots?”. You don’t believe me? I will prove that now.
My former fellow students remember very well Zinoviy Goldfeld. Well, for sure he was a dark-haired handsome fellow, a smart guy. He was a top student, almost never missed classes and lectures, though as well as many other guys he was doing not what he was expected at some lectures, to be more precise, he was busy with publishing activities… Yes, yes, the publishing activities. And what else will you say about a man, who together with his friends, one of who was a native artist, came up with the idea, edited, wrote items and took photos, to put it short, the illustrious gathering was “publishing” a decent magazine during lectures. The first issue was produced during a lecture on surgery, when professor Krakosvkiy was reading a lecture about intrauterine ruptures. Without sophistry Zinoviy named his magazine “Rupture”. Zorik was working hard; he glued photos, draw a frame for a photo and himself wrote an article about architectural luxuries. The glued photo was of a girl with an oar.

Those who visited Kemerovo remember the masterpiece on the Tom river bank. It was easy for Zinoviy to write, he knew the topic; his father was a well-known builder. He was writing to his friends in Kharkov, also students. Zinoviy was satisfied, the magazine looked impressive: a school notebook, one double page, the title is written by a multi-color ball pen in wound letters, the photos and the most important, the article, written in a burst of inspiration with humor and professionalism. Yeah, Zinoviy was a great editor, if to consider the technologies he used, when publishing the “Rupture”.
Though then there is a detective story: somehow, the letter to Kharkov together with the magazine “Rupture” came to the hands of the authorities; well, there is no need to puzzle over that; that was somebody from Zorik’s circle of friends, who betrayed him. And the latter obviously had a catching of samizdat quota (a penal offence), which got frozen, so they were pleased to put a tick in their report. And if to look from the official point of view, then “Rupture” was samizdat, the most authentic samizdat. I am not going to write about interrogations of Zinoviy in big offices of KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kemerovo, as you won’t believe, but together with Zinoviy his close friend Tolia Veselov was also called for the interrogations. To the guys’ good luck that was the time of Khruschev’s thaw period, and not the epoch of Brezhnev, otherwise that would have cost them their heads. Nevertheless, it took a lot of Anatoliy’s courage not to become a “rat”, but he managed, and as a result of that, was expelled from the third year of the institute together with Zinoviy. The formal reason for that became a satirical article in a regional newspaper “Kuzbass” of 1959. I will tell you right away that in a year both friends were reinstated at the institute thanks to the chancellor Beliaev Stepan Vasilievitch and successfully graduated from Kemerovo state Medical Institute (KSMI).
It would be stupid to retell the piece of writing of the “golden” pen of the newspaper “Kuzbass” Pavel Iosifovitch Bekshanskiy, who because of lack of wisdom or the orlack of wisdom or the orl Iosifovitch Bekshanskiy, who because of lack of wisdom or the order distorted everything and combined the “political” with some brothel in his satirical writing. I am quoting extracts from the phrase-mongering of the journalist P.Bekshanskiy:

However I was about to prove, whether a leopard can change his spots. Here you are: After graduating from Kemerovo Medical Institute Zinoviy Goldfeld worked as a psychiatrist for some time and was the head of a department at Kemerovo mental hospital, however his craving for publishing and editing, because of which he had suffered so much before, won, and since the beginning of the 90’s Zinoviy works in New York as a deputy editor of a big magazine.
You see, I managed to prove to you in an easy and simple way the truth of the thesis that a leopard cannot change his spots!

February,9 2014

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