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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 68. The Devil of Adventurism

Tatiana Krylova

Tatiana Krylova

Assistant professor

Assistant professor

A student is so much eager to excel, to stand out, to demonstrate that he is not worse, but maybe in some aspect is better than other students. This is a normal feeling. If it was not for it, would anyone have red diplomas (diplomas with red covers are given to top students for excellent achievements)? It seems to me nobody would. Students of all higher educational institutions dared, dare and will dare. For instance, Tatiana Krylova was a calm, reserved and reasonable student. However she, perhaps, did not know herself, that there was the adventurism devil in her. So, once the devil manifested its nature. Generally speaking, the situation did not look menacing; and how could anything bad happen at a physiology class, and with such a wonderful assistant professor as Nina Alekseyevna Barbarash?

It did not matter that at that time Nina Alekseyevna was just an assistant professor, the students loved her. She was also loved by Tanya Krylova and her devil of adventurism. Or how else would one explain that when during a class with two groups # 5 and #6 Barbarash asked the students, who of them was afraid of electric shock, the devil gave Tatiana a push, and she against her will admitted that she was very much afraid. She was sent out of the classroom, for her not to know the main point of the experiment, and to the rest of the students Nina Alekseyevna explained, what they would do and what results they should expect.

Though they did not consider that it was not Tatiana, who had decided to participate in the experiment, but the devil, who instigated her to do that. So while they were discussing "what and how", Tanya started shivering; what could she do - the devil had incited her to that and disappeared, and she was left alone with her fear. When she was invited back into the classroom, she was already crying, quietly, helplessly. Well, and when they started giving her electric shock, her crying grew louder. Tanya could not help it, her sobbing grew louder and louder. Nobody was giving her any electric rush anymore, but she was still wailing. Tears and sniffles were streaming down her face, as if she was a baby. The experiment was ignored; everyone rushed to calm Tatiana down. And she turned not to have even a proper handkerchief with her, so she was wiping herself with a piece of gauze, and because of that she felt even more hurt, and she was howling really loud. Tatiana was dismissed and sent home.

Those who remained in the class knew the conditions of the experiment and could not participate in it; so the class was practically ruined. That was what the students loved Nina Alekseyevna Barbarash for; she did not make the groups #5 and #6 work the class off. And Tatiana, when she came home, promised herself never again yield to any devils as well as stand out of a crowd.

The experiment turned to be good for her.

The plot for the essay was kindly provided by T.M.Nesterov.

1 October, 2011

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