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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 135. A Prescription

Yeah, my dear friends, perhaps I am a notorious insolent fellow and a self-confident person. I’ve just published my first book and now am brimming over with a desire to teach somebody, admonish and somewhat share experience. Via my web site I’ve addressed all my readers and asked them to send me their stories about their student years, which could become the basis of humorous essays, or finished essays, which I promised to publish on my web site with reference to the author. So far only Zhora Chernobay has responded to my call and sent four of his essays. I am very grateful to him for that.
And as for those who have not sent me their essays yet, I took the liberty of teaching them “some good sense”.

First of all, I’ve already written that I do not pretend, not a bit, to be the absolute truth, but only set forth my view on the subject. As usually, before making a decision I had a conversation with my deputy of the home front in our kitchen. Frankly speaking, that time the discussion was finished very fast, as Natalek categorically stated: “Teach other people? Take the responsibility? Leave me out of that.”
Well, once again I got added evidence that a woman remained a woman. Nevertheless, knowing Natasha, I continued talking as if to myself: “What is really needed to write an essay?” – I was asking Natalek.
- Please, don't tell me that a literary talent is needed and all those innate abilities.
- Sure enough, they are needed.
- So why then "Les Miserables" was written by Hugo and not by someone who had the talent? For instance Zola or Chekhov (A.P.Chekov, 1860 – 1904, a Russian dramatist and writer of short stories)?
- Experience, life experience and knowledge of the subject are needed, - Natalek agreed.
Here you are, Natasha, as usually, in a simple and easy way, expressed from my point of view the most important argument. From myself I can only add that of course, you should have epistolary skills and abilities.

And now as soon as I am a doctor, though a former one, here is a prescription. Hundreds of volumes are written about how one should and should not write.
My prescription is going to be not a simple one, but structured in steps. I dare hope that the one who wants will be able to learn something interesting and creatively use it.

Step number one the main one What are the problems? What are you afraid of? What do you doubt? Are you afraid that you will not be able to write and doubt your own abilities? Don't be afraid or hesitate. You will do it just fine. For sure, now you've thought of a saying that any man can do what another man has done. Exactly, any man can do.

Step number two not less important. You remembered a situation from your student life, which you had told many times at parties and everybody laughed. So, what's the problem? Take it as the basis and start remembering details. You will remember so many of them that you will grow dumb with astonishment how come you did not remember them before and did not tell them at the very parties? It would have been much funnier then!

Step number three also an important one. That's it, quickly go to your computer and start turning your thoughts and reminiscences into words and phrases. Nark my words, while you are typing, you will remember more and more of new episodes. Medics, do not pull my leg, remember Ribot's Law. It exists and works. Sure enough, at this stage you would feel like finding old photos and looking through them. And this will help you as well. It has started, so it's time to take the next step.

Step number four you will laugh, but is also a main one. Reread what you've written. If it is funny, laugh heartily and loudly. Though you will laugh even louder, when you see that you've written something like: "...a characteristic characteristic, which characterizes his character is complete lack of character...". It might look this or any other way. So correct it quickly!

Step number five. For me it is the key one. It is a rare case when I do not like what I do. This happens only in case when I am made to do something against my will. Though as soon as I enjoy writing essays, then I read with pleasure what I've written. However opinion of other people is also important. I have Natalek. She would not be insincere and soothe me, if I wrote some crap; she would openly say: "Well, what a crap you've written." And if she likes something, she will undoubtedly mention it. Find your "Natalek", the most important think is that he or she is objective.

Step number six the main, of course, the main one Re-do, correct and improve.

Re-read again. So, are you happy now? And you were saying that you wouldn’t be able to do this...

4 June, 2012

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Translated by Viktoria Potykinato content