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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 165. A Hen

Somebody is keen on reading, somebody likes to play cards, somebody is fond of vehicles, and Shura Popovich since his student years has been fond of a joke. He did not just play jokes, it was his lifestyle. He could be easily called a joke addict.

Well, and what else can be said about a man, who being far from a student, but an officer, a doctor, and even a head of a department at a regional hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs plaid jokes of the following kind? I believe, Sasha will not mind, if I tell about some of his pranks.

In those old days even in a regional hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs patients were given the liquid medicines they had been prescribed in small phials (see the picture).

They were certainly sterilized in steam sterilizers in autoclaves. The steam sterilizers were then brought to departments, and there the phials were filled with the prescribed medicines. It should be mentioned that the phials had the following weak point – if one hit by pincers not with force, but briskly at the bottom of a phial, the bottom fell off, as if cut out.

At the very days Rogozhina Aleksandra Anisimovna worked at Sasha’s department. Among hospital staff she was famous like Kuzmovna. Just imagine a hen, which is ready to cover all baby-chicks and hide them under her wings. So there is Kuzmovna. At the department she was in charge of pouring mixtures into phials. You’ve already guessed even without me, what was the way the head of the department Aleksandr Kirillovitch Popovitch was having fun. He went to the sterilizing room beforehand and broke off bottoms of some of the phials in the steam sterilizer of his department. And then he took the trouble under any pretext gather employees of his department at the place where Kuzmovna was pouring the mixtures and at exactly that moment started, like they say now, the show. Kuzmovna was asked not to stop what she was doing, and there was started a discussion of some trifle. Willy-nilly everybody was watching Kuzmovna took a phial from the steam sterilizer, poured mixture into it, and put it on a slip of paper with a patient’s last name.

Kuzmovna was very much surprised, when she was told that the phial turned to be empty. She became even more surprised, when she noticed that the phial’s bottom was missing. Sasha explained to her that perhaps bottoms fell off during the sterilizing process. However Kuzmovna argued that she’d checked phials at other departments, and they turned to be of a better quality. Of course, everybody guessed, what was going on, and were giggling, but Kuzmovna did not allow even a hint, that those were pranks of the head of the department.

25 сентября 2013г.

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