Syedyshev Oleg
Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 74. Hitler kaputt!

All girls are beautiful in their youth. Well, except for those who do not care the way they look like and ignore make up as it is. There are few of them, and why should we talk about them? Guys are different even in their youth. Some of them remain like kids for many years, others are mature men. One can see that they are young, but mature. They can be easily told from the first ones by their deeds, thoughts and opinions.

Different young men enter an institute; both the first, who are like kids, and the second, who are mature men. Yakov Kirsh, our native Russian German, a Siberian, grew up in a family of quite strict rules. He studied well at school. He was good practically at all subjects. And he was fluent in German. Genes are still horrible power. He purposefully came to the medical institute with a clear goal to help sick people. Generally speaking, Yakov had and now, twenty five years later, also has an intensified sense of social responsibility. Perhaps, that was also why he had become a wonderful doctor-psychiatrist. Even though he is a doctor now, but during his student years he studied with diligence to be envied. And he started to study diligently even in his very first year without dividing the subjects into useful and useless. There is no use to be insincere and conceal that many students right after their enrollment into the institute or maybe some time later, identify some subjects as necessary to them in their opinion and focus mostly on their study, not paying much attention at other subjects. I will not discover America, if say that all subjects are interconnected in medicine. Well, how, for instance, one can know well physiology without knowing biology, or pathological physiology, without knowledge of normal physiology. And it goes without saying that there is connection between such subjects as anatomy, pathological anatomy, topographic anatomy and operative surgery. I even want to express a thought, which modern student will consider seditious: So maybe Yevgeniy Nikolayevitch Sherstennikov, or Sherst according to students' terminology, was right, when he said that there should be only two grades to estimate knowledge in medicine Excellent and Bad. However I will not express the thought, or I will be blamed as an instigator. Well, enough about that. Especially if to consider a fact that it has nothing to do with Yakov Kirsh. You just ask his group mates, who wrote the best notes of the lectures among all the students? And any of them will tell you that that was Yakov. And he was regularly addressed with requests to give his notes to prepare for seminars, tests or examinations. Yasha was not a greedy guy. He always sympathized with those who were asking and gave his notes to them. It was a different thing that not anyone could use the notes, there was a bummer.

When entering the institute, Yakov already knew the German language two or maybe three times better than for an excellent grade. And the proof to that was his systematic participation and winning in various foreign languages contests among universities of Kuzbass. Nobody knew about his future plans, and Yasha did not talk about them. Some of the students panned to stay at a department and teach at the institute, some of them wanted to become surgeons, some made up their minds to get married successfully. And Yakov Kirsh planned to immigrate to Germany. And it was in his third year, when Yasha finally and determinedly made up his mind to do so. However Yakov realized that he would be able to settle comfortably in Germany only on the condition that he had brilliant knowledge of medicine and, of course, that his German should be impeccable. So, cunning Yasha found a way to train his memory and his knowledge of German. He started making notes in German.


For instance, he was listening to a lecture of Aleksandr Yakovlevitch Yevtushenko on pathological physiology and was making notes in German. And now tell me, please, how could I use those notes written in the German language, if I know only two words in German: "Hitler kaputt!"? The answer is obvious: there was no way I could!!! Instead of a conclusion I will say that Yakov Kirsh was a good student, goal oriented, who knew how to achieve his goal. By the way, he is as before vigorous and confident in his skills doctor and a German citizen now.

Nevertheless... You have to agree with me, that all of you, who are reading this, also want to say: But, am I right? At that time Yasha absolutely did not care about the good of his neighbor, I mean, of the students, who wanted to use his notes, but could not. Even if they knew a bit more than I did in German, for example: "Verdammt Jacob", they had no chance to master A.Y. Yevtishnko's lectures in German.

20 October, 2011

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