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Syedyshev Oleg

Humorous Essays Based on students' memories

"All have died
except for those who are alive, and those whom we remember"Confucius

Essay 15. Striptease of Leada Syrkasheva

It just happens this way that this story has something in common with the previous one, at least in both stories the name of E.S. Shalneva is mentioned.

Lida Syrkasheva
From the student album

Lida Syrkasheva was a nice girl, she dressed quite fashionably, well, one can say, her cute little nose was always downwind of fashion. Lida lived somewhere in the downtown of Kemerovo, or as we used to say then, on the left bank. She came to classes to Kiyevskiy district by # 51 bus from the Drama theatre.

On the winter day, about which I am writing, Lida was late for classes, and it was right the CPSU history class. It is not important how much time passed since the beginning of the class, but just imagine the following picture: the door opens and Lida literally rushes into the class room. Her cheeks are bright red (no wonder, winter that year was very frosty), and she explains to Old Lena: I am sorry for being late, the bus turned over at the church, and we had to walk almost all the way. And all in the class room, including Old Lena have dropped their jaws, everyone is amazed and in shock, Old Lena is silent. Lida takes it as permission and takes her seat.

A French class.

I cannot help but return to the part of the history in which I describe Lida's appearance, other way you will not understand, why we had our jaws dropped. So, Lida literally rushes into the class room, her cheeks are bright red because of the frost, she is in a chic grey-white downy sweater, instead of a skirt is a lacy light pink slip, short up to the centre of her hip, black stockings and black high boots. Well, you understand that our jaws definitely dropped. Old Lena's eyes grew round, though one should give her a credit for not saying anything not to confuse Lida. But the girls from the group tried to give Lida a sign, meaning, where was your skirt? Anyway, Lida, and she sat at the same desk with Zhenya Romashov, went for a break in the same way, and demonstrated herself once again, only then she was told, to be more precise, asked where her skirt though was.

It turned out that the bus on which Lida was overturned, but in lucky way, if one can say so, at least no one was hurt. Lida was dressed in a very tight long skirt, she could not get out of the bus, so she tucked it under her sweater. And then she simply forgot about it. During the break together with Zhenya Romashov I went downstairs to the cloakroom and asked the students who were on duty there, whether they had seen that Lida was without a skirt. They said that they did saw that, but did not want to deprive us of the chance to see that as well. Here is what a real men's solidarity like!

july 7, 2011

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